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Terms and Policies

Please observe these minimums:

  • Multiples of 10 for #1’s
  • Multiples of 5 for #2’s and larger
  • Multiples of 12 for Quarts & 6” Pots
  • Multiples of 20 for 4” Pots from NC
  • Multiples of 18 for 4” Pots from TX


Ordering via the Website: 

  • Orders placed using the tools provided on this website are reviewed by customer service representatives, who will quickly be in contact with the customers to provide assistance with Order Completion and Confirmation.  Please contact a customer service representative or sales representative if you have questions or need assistance. Available quantities and other product information are updated on this site daily and any orders placed online are reviewed once they are received to compare against current quantities and crop conditions.

  •  Prices referenced on the website are List Price and do not reflect any special pricing that Greenleaf may have quoted for particular customers.  Actual Prices including special quotes, and possible discounts, and Shipping Costs will be included once the order is reviewed by Customer Service Representatives and can be confirmed on the final order confirmation.  Any possible Tax Amount will be calculated, if no Tax Exempt ID is provided.

  •  An email summarizing your initial requests will automatically be sent to you upon submission of this list. This list will be forwarded on to the Sales Department where your product is grown.   The list will then be reviewed by a Customer Service Representative who will contact you to assist with any other details that may be needed.  After completion of this review, the order will then be confirmed to you including Actual Pricing, Terms, Ship Date and Shipping Location.


Picking up Your Nursery Stock:

It is our desire to provide our drive-in customers with the best and quickest service possible. To do this, we ask that you follow these easy guidelines.

  • Call to place your order at least one day prior to pickup. Please give your estimated arrival time.
  • If your order was placed in advance, please call us to confirm your arrival time. Should you need to make changes or additions, let us know about this also.
  • Upon arrival, come directly to the office. A member of our Customer Service staff will make every effort to see that you receive the best possible service. Be sure to bring tarps or suitable coverings to protect the plants.
  • If your order is for a full trailer load and you want to arrange your own trucking, please call our Customer Service/Traffic department prior to the ship date to schedule shipping.



In order to protect our established customers we ask that (1) you provide evidence that you are actively involved in the nursery business and that you have an established business location, and (2) you furnish us with your nursery certificate number and applicable sales tax exemption number prior to the time of purchase.


Business Provisions:

Our regular provisions are net cash, no discounts. However, we do offer a program of discounts based on the volume of your purchases. (Contact the sales representative for your area, for details.) Prices quoted are F.O.B. nursery. These are wholesale prices restricted to those customers purchasing plants for resale. Prices do not include freight and are subject to change without notice. No C.O.D shipments.


Credit Policies:

We will be pleased to make credit arrangements with established firms upon receipt of approved trade references. Just give us a call or ask the sales representative to send you our credit application. Please be sure to complete all blanks, giving full addresses and phone numbers. A minimum of four credit references is required. We prefer those references to come from within the Nursery Industry.

Open accounts are due thirty days form invoice date. Past due accounts are subject to a service charge of up to 1.5% per month (18% per annum). Any questions concerning a line of credit will be promptly answered. All correspondence is kept confidential. Please allow four weeks for processing.



All shipments of nursery stock are made by semi-trailer. Please ask for a special quotation for full truckload shipments. All goods travel at purchaser’s risk and expense.


Wholesale Only:

Our price list is intended for the trade only. All prices quoted are F.O.B point of origin (Park Hill, OK, El Campo, TX, Tarboro, NC, Fort Gibson, OK).



Fall bookings must be shipped by November 1. Spring bookings from El Campo, Texas must be shipped by April 1. Spring bookings from Park Hill, Okla. and Tarboro, N.C. must be shipped by May 1. Exceptions to these deadlines require previous arrangements.


Availibility Notice:

Orders are accepted on condition that they may be voided or delayed without liability to seller due to delay or failure to deliver caused by crop failure, inclement weather, drought, hail, flood, fire, frost, freeze, strikes, errors in count or other causes beyond our control. It is understood that all orders accepted are subject to availability of stock at time of delivery. All orders are confirmed and subject to prices stated in price list current at the time of delivery.


Plant Warranty:

We warrant our nursery stock to be true to description of variety name under which it is sold. However, should a problem arrive, we hold ourselves in readiness, on proper proof, to replace such nursery stock, or refund the original amount paid. We give no warranty, express or implied, as to the productiveness or longevity of the nursery stock we sell, nor will we be responsible for the results secured on transplanting. We shall in no case be liable for any sum greater than the amount originally received for said nursery stock. We will not entertain claims after goods have been accepted or when written notice is not made within 48 hours of receipt of plants. Claims made for any cause must be made promptly upon receipt of stock.