Garden Center Signage

Greenleaf Customers Save on

We work closely with Clarity Connect and have negotiated discounts for our customers to use   It is a great way to create customized plant bench cards and to order existing designs of Coroplast and Vinyl banners.

Customizeable Garden Center Bench Cards, Hang Tags and Pot Labels
Select from 22,000 plant records to create customized bench cards, hangtags and pot labels. The plant database has great images, height, spread, hardiness zone, descriptions and characteristics. You can modify any of the existing data as well as add price, cross-merchandising statements, Declaration of Responsibility, Declaration of Net Contents and more to create beautiful nursery plant signs that help you sell more plants.

Large Plant Database
Many of our plants are already in the plant library and we're working to fill in the gaps. The plant library includes annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs and more, so you can use this system to sign your entire garden center, not just Greenleaf Nursery plants.

Save $70 Instantly off your subscription 

  • Save $70, off the first-year annual subscription of $395 when you subscribe.
  • As an added benefit, subscribers get free shipping on coroplast and vinyl banners.

Please email to get your discount code.

But there's more....

Select from hundreds Coroplast banners and posters to help your customers find the plants they're looking for. If you subscribe, you will automatically receive 10% off all standard coroplast and vinyl banners.

We know good signage helps sell more plants.  We hope you take advantage of these discounts to upgrade your in-store signage.

Learn How in 3 minutes

The system is very easy to use, watch a short video or two and you'll see for yourself.