Fort Gibson, OK

Fort Gibson, OK

Northeastern Oklahoma's "Green Country" also contains many historic sites. One of these is Fort Gibson, the first military outpost established west of the Mississippi River. In 1984, Greenleaf purchased and began developing a field nursery around a small hidden lake near Fort Gibson. The original purpose of this new facility was to provide a low-cost production site for growing tree whips and seedlings for our Park Hill, Okla., and El Campo, Texas container divisions.


In 1990, we constructed a 14,000 square foot grading building for the purpose of sorting the bare root tree whips prior to shipment to our cold storage facility at Park Hill, but in 2004, an 11,000 square foot state of the art cold storage facility was built on site to store our graded bare root plants until they ship. There is a total of 565 acres at Hidden Lake Tree Farm, and presently we produce 380,000 bare root trees, 460,000 bare root shrubs, and 700,000 seedlings. During the peak of the season, we employ 85 people at our Fort Gibson nursery.

Phone: (918) 478-4349
1001 Highway 10 West
Fort Gibson, OK 74434

Driving Directions

Located on Hwy 10 south, the nursery entrance is .5 mile east of Highway 62. This junction of Hwy 62 and Hwy 10 is 2.5 miles east of the Muskogee Turnpike (OK Hwy 65).